Extensive Tenant Management Services in New York

Krieger Property Management provides comprehensive tenant management services in New York City.

Founded on the principles of trust, transparency, open communication, and empathy, we ensure effective tenant screening, lease creation, rent collection, and even evictions, if required.

01. Effective Rent Collection Process

We minimize the hassle for property owners to collect rent from their tenants. Instead, we have an effective rent collection process in place to ensure that the tenant’s rent is collected by a fixed date every month and deposited into your account.

02. Thorough Lease Enforcement Rules

Once your tenant signs the lease, we ensure that they follow it throughout their tenancy. We also help your tenant minimize lease violations by insisting on adherence to the responsibilities outlined in the lease.

03. 24/7 Response to Requests

We know that repair emergencies can strike anytime, so we employ trained support staff that responds to your tenants’ requests 24/7.

Legally Compliant Tenant Screening Process

Over the 6+ years of operating in the New York real estate market, we have realized the need to help our clients secure good, high-quality tenants as part of our tenant management services. Therefore, we ensure that our clients find tenants who align with their requirements and look after the rental like their own. For this purpose, we carry out a rigorous tenant screening process ensuring 100% legal compliance with Fair Housing Laws. All our other tenant management services, including tenant screening, comply with all regulations mandated by the Department of Buildings, HPD, and the FDNY.
With our expert professionals, we conduct comprehensive background checks, verification of criminal records, reference checks, eviction history, income and employment status, and credit score checks as part of our screening process.

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Our List of Tenant Management Services in New York

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Property Showings and Walkthroughs

To help you find the best tenants for your New York rental, we present your property in the best light. We conduct property showings and walkthroughs to help the tenants understand what your property can offer.

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Tenant Management Portals

At Krieger Property Management, we have tenant management portals that the tenants can access once they sign the lease. They can submit tenant requests and conveniently keep track of their rent payments by accessing the portals with a click.

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Extensive Repairs and Maintenance

One of our primary goals is to help New York rental owners enhance the performance of their property. Therefore, we ensure prompt resolution of repair and maintenance services carried out by certified professionals.

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Clarifying Lease Terms

We value transparency between our clients and their tenants and make concrete efforts to maintain it. We help the tenants understand the lease terms in detail to avoid any potential violations or issues with the tenancy.

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Timely Rental Inspections

To keep your rental well-maintained, and up to the habitability standards, we ensure timely rental inspections. At Krieger Property Management, we conduct routine inspections at regular intervals in addition to the move-in and move-out inspections.

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Eviction Process Handling

Not every tenancy leads to an eviction. However, if your tenant repeatedly violates the lease terms and is proving to be a headache, we ensure that we handle the eviction process smoothly.

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