Superior Inspections and Maintenance Services in New York

At Krieger Property Management, we conduct stress-free maintenance for our New York property owner clients. We regularly inspect rentals, machinery, and electrical equipment, including HVAC systems. We conduct periodic inspections and maintenance to prevent major issues from arising in the future.

We provide various maintenance services for rentals, including multifamily buildings, condo units, and office properties in New York City.

01. Scheduled Walkthrough

We conduct a scheduled walkthrough for your New York rental during the tenant move-in. We inspect every room and check the safety measures, plumbing and appliances. We also check for any potential issues that need immediate fixing.

02. Emergency Response System

Maintenance issues and repairs can arise at any hour during emergencies. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of professionals who provide 24/7 assistance to your tenants. They can expertly handle all your maintenance issues.

03. Periodic Inspections

We also conduct periodic inspections of your property by providing advance notice to the tenants. Our aim is to detect and resolve any maintenance issues and confirm if your tenants are complying with the lease and looking after your property.

Comprehensive Rental Property Inspection Services

Our skilled property managers at Krieger Property Management conduct different rental property inspections, including move-in, move-out, periodic, and HOA rental property inspections.
We ensure that the property is well looked after by your tenants and is in a habitable condition throughout their tenancy. We check your entire New York rental unit from top to bottom to detect any repairs, upgrades, or maintenance issues that may cause inconvenience to your tenants.

Our goal is to provide hassle-free inspection and maintenance services to our clients and tenants and protect both parties from potential liabilities. Therefore, we also keep a detailed checklist and documentation of the property’s condition for future reference.

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Our Inspection and Maintenance Services for New York Rentals

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Standard Repairs

We conduct standard repairs that help in maintaining the habitability of your property. We ensure that your HVAC systems are up to date and your plumbing does not cause any emergency damages as part of our planned maintenance.

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Regulatory Compliance

In alignment with the regulation in New York, we ensure that your rental property is safe, clean, and well-maintained for your tenants. We also ensure that the basic habitability standards, including security, heat, hot and cold water, and adequate lighting, are provided to your tenants at all times.

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Qualified Professionals

All our repairs, inspections, and maintenance checks are conducted by qualified professionals. We also hire teams of licensed contractors and vendors who provide reliable and cost-effective services for your New York property.

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Detailed Inspections and Checklist

We are very organized and thorough with our highly detailed rental inspections. We carry a comprehensive checklist with a list of all the basic and advanced areas that require inspection and record the findings immediately.

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Preventative Maintenance

At Krieger Property Management, we prioritize preventative maintenance in your rental. We conduct pest control, trash removal, cleaning of gutters, fixing a roof, changing HVAC filters, and maintaining yards as part of our preventative maintenance to avoid potential damages.

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Tenant Maintenance System

We employ tenant maintenance systems to improve our maintenance services continually. Your tenants can access these systems digitally and drop repair and maintenance requests without hassle. We ensure prompt resolution and maintenance services with these systems.

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